When to discuss dating exclusively

I’ve seen many people over my years of coaching who get hurt this way and waste months or years with the wrong guy because they never brought up the conversation of defining what they wanted the relationship to be. Typically, men will be a little bit slower than the average woman in terms of how fast they move the relationship forward (though not all guys – some guys will move far than you are comfortable with – these “impulsive romantics” are also guys you should be wary of).In general, many guys begin dating a woman not 100% certain if they want a relationship or not.The other day my sister and her husband (Jake) and I werediscussing "exclusive" versus "committed."Of course, we guys had a different opinion than my sister.My little sister took the stance that exclusivity and commitment were the same.There really shouldn’t be any need to rush into anything – however, it’s important to be realistic.Everyone has different ideas of what’s right when it comes to dating etiquette.But here’s the thing: We have so much fun together. My best friend tells me to relax – this is just how dating is. I’m going nuts thinking about him dating other girls. However, despite the apparent benefits, the Tinder Revolution often leaves us feeling less self-confident, confused, frustrated, and empty. Everybody wants to feel special and to be treated with love and respect.

You've made a commitment to be faithful,to put energy in only that relationship.* * * * * * It’s difficult in the early dating stage to know when it’s time for the relationship talk.You may have a guy who seems to make a ton of effort, who says you’re like no woman he’s ever met, but you still haven’t had the BIG conversation to define yourself as an exclusive couple.At a minimum, it is a waste of your time, as more likely than not, non-exclusive relationships peter out. It is rude and disrespectful to be subject to such behavior. Dating someone while they’re dating other people is the same thing.At worst, you are setting yourself up for heartbreak, getting attached to a person who refuses to focus on you. While he’s out with you having coffee, his mind could be on the dinner he had with her last night. I know many people think, It’s okay if he’s dating others besides me.

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