Validating international phone numbers

Most telephone networks nowadays are interconnected in the international telephone network, where the format of telephone numbers is standardized by ITU-T in the recommendation E.164, which specifies that the entire number should be 15 digits or shorter, and begin with a country prefix followed by an area code or city code and the subscriber number, which might consist of the code for a particular telephone exchange.

In writing an international telephone number should start with a plus sign (" ") and the country The " " stands for the international call prefix chosen by the country the call is being made from.

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International Telephone Input is a j Query plugin for entering and validating international telephone numbers.

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The general standard is 00 and this has been implemented by a large number of countries.

For North American Numbering Plan (NANP) countries (including the United States and Canada) the call prefix is "011" for other countries and "1" for countries inside the NANP.

The validating phone number is an important point while validating an HTML form.

In this page we have discussed how to validate a phone number (in different format) using Java Script : At first, we validate a phone number of 10 digits with no comma, no spaces, no punctuation and there will be no sign in front the number.

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