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This routine, at times, is hard-hitting and really goes in, but it truly maintains a silly and fun spirit that will scrawl a huge smile across your face. Melanie and Marko play two best friends who fall in love after Marko is left at the alter.Classic you-don't-know-until-it's-right-in-front-of-you story. Their chemistry is just so good and that kiss will give you goosebumps! We all know t Witch is a star for several reasons, but this routine was probably his best non-hip-hop one.Two new genres were introduced — Bollywood and a country two-step.The latter was weak, but the Bollywood dances, with their colorful costumes and fun moves, were a hit. Regular judges Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe were always there with a rotating group of guests including my TV girlfriend Mia Micheals and the Dumos.It’s taken me this long to recoup from last week’s finale. (Actually, I missed last week because I was at a women’s music festival, romping in the woods with a few thousand half naked women. From sexy Cat Deeley to great guests (Jordin Sparks) to lousy guests (take the Pussycat Dolls, please) and last but certainly not least, some out-of-this-world dancing.Someone fan me and pass the ice cream while I go over a few highlights.After a while, they morphed into one giant dancer but somehow, 20 finalists emerged from the wreckage, 10 girls (or “gulls” if you’re Cat) and 10 boys.

While Murphy’s million decibel screams were sometimes annoying, I got used to her, like living on a busy street and not hearing the honking. Ballet Company (who did a gorgeous pas de deux) and the Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe.

Also, the theatricality and intensity is a nice counter-balance to some of the more raw and subtle routines. The Nancy Sinatra track gave this dance LIFE and it's a masterpiece. Because it's so personal, Amy and Zack didn't hold back, and it proved to be absolutely breathtaking.

(Also, did you notice the audience didn't make any annoying sounds? Ugh, who doesn't love Fik-Shun and Amy—together and individually?

At the end of those trials, the auditioners are narrowed down to the top 16 dancers — eight male, eight female.

Dancers are then paired together and each week are assigned a different style of dance and choreographer to prepare them to perform a routine for the live audience.

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