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(The celebration will come later.) Their daily life constitutes a version of the classic American Dream: A young couple, the hard-working offspring of striving immigrants, sets up a household in Brooklyn, opens a restaurant a few blocks away, puts in the sweat, builds the business and, after a few years, decides to start a family.

Meet the real people working to get your films in their best shape to be financed and learn how to make them your allies.

"It was very much a fulfillment of our approach of giving the reachable but not-yet-reached personal, local stories that open hearts and change minds, as the president recently described," said Evan Wolfson, founder and president of FTM and a civil rights lawyer who has argued cases all the way up to the Supreme Court.

The videos highlighted the couples' commitment and sincerity, nudging viewers to the conclusion that they deserve a chance at marriage just like anybody else. Constantinou and Lancheros are about to get married, if only they can find an hour or two to tear themselves away from their thriving, demanding business and hurry down to the courthouse for a civil ceremony.

They each fertilized 10 eggs, and the two most viable were implanted--one from Constantinou's batch and the other from Lancheros', so each of the men would be the biological father of one of their children.

Lancheros, 47, is the son of a Colombian mother and Palestinian father.

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