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When talk about East Coast hip-hop from the early 2000s, you have to think of G-Unit came to mind.

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The record company was home to superstar talents Ja-Rule & Ashanti, who both dominated the airwaves with catchy rap/R&B hybrids.Its so personal that Lloyd saw writing and recording the track more like therapy than making a comeback record so much so that he didnt even want to release.24 on the Billboard Top 100 and topped BETs 106 Park, but the album failed to capture critical attention. So far, it's unclear whether or not the ink is intended to be a tribute to the band Guns N' Roses.You can check out footage of Lloyd showing off his new tattoo in the video clip below.

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    Students develop “Northwestern Goggles” where people who, outside of NU, wouldn’t be considered dating material quickly become eligible and desirable bachelors or bachelorettes.” Campus media references the term, too. First of all, it just doesn’t jive with my experience at Northwestern and that of the friends that I’ve talked to.