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The group was broken into three teams to investigate three separate areas of the Aquarium “ Titanic Aquatic, Ocean Voyager gallery and Cold Water Quest gallery.

They used scientific methods that measured electromagnetic changes and temperature drops that would be caused by paranormal activity.

Sergey Poberezhny made his mark in the world of entertainment when he acted on “Paranormal State” (A&E Network, 2007-2011.

Sergey co-starred with Ryan Daniel Buell, as they went in search of demons and infiltrated themselves into peoples homes documenting paranormal phenomena Together they created the PRS society.

Here in this college town especially, where it’s definitely more liberal and you see a little bit more sexual freedom and experimentation.

Growing up and in college, I’ve met a lot of guys who are bisexual, you know, football players, athletes.

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Due to the length, we'll concentrate on "I Am Six" this week and the sequel next Monday.

Atlanta, GA(October 27, 2008) In the spirit of Halloween, Georgia Aquarium recently invited Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations (RGPI) to explore reports of paranormal activities in Titanic Aquatic and the Aquarium.

RGPI was asked to investigate after several volunteers reported ghostlike experiences in the Titanic exhibit, as well as in other galleries.

On April 23rd Sergey, went live on Facebook live and spoke just a little about him and his new said relationship. Apparently Sergey has been attempting to distance himself from Buell. let’s be honest why not place the blame on Buell, he is in jail isn’t he?

One person writes”Meanwhile, I have learned that the course has over 300 other students who are in the same predicament I am in.

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