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Second, the common shareholders receive a specified matching dividend.

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In case you were wondering whether these clients are just generally better traders, here’s the returns for these groups at randomly selected times: Of course, there are a few relatively benign ways one could explain away the fact that the clients of brokers participating in fire sales tend to sell the same stocks.Shares may be partially participating or fully participating.If partially participating, preferred shares may participate in dividend declaration in excess of their preference rate, but the participation is capped at a certain level. One day a client comes crawling with desperate request: Liquidate everything. Depending on the fund’s size, news of the fire sale could be quite valuable for your other clients, who would shower you in adulation and commissions should you choose to divulge it in a timely and profitable manner. That’s according to a new study authored by Andrea Barbon, Marco Di Maggio, Francesco Franzoni and Augustin Landier: This paper highlights that brokers’ incentives to attract and retain clients affect how order flow information is shared with other market participants. If you’re like a statistically significant sample of other brokers, you’re gonna go ahead and invite your best clients to take a nibble off the dying prey.

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