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With his dark hair and dreamy blue eyes, we had an instant connection.'We chatted for the rest of the party, as the wine flowed, but he was too much of a gentleman for any more than kiss on the cheek at the end of the night.'Their summer fling soon became real love and the pair even bought a house together.

However they drifted apart and eventually split in 1985.

Jacqueline said: 'I was introduced to Andrew and the first thing he said was, "I'm taking you home with me" and lifted me up.

'I was in full stocking and suspenders fancy dress, so I think he liked what he saw.

While some may dismiss Belle as delicate, Watson's portrayal sounds far from it.

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Posing in a personalised robe, the 69-year-year-old actress wore dramatic purple eyeshadow and a deep red wig after coming off stage in the hit Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical, currently playing on Broadway.Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner looked like this? The iconic pair of costars reunited at a Moschino after-party in Los Angeles last night. If this freaks you out, remember that the first on Netflix late at night, by yourself in your room, and recite half the script by memory, including the entire scene in which Bella figures out that Edward is a vampire while they're in the forest. She also took her preparation for the film's iconic dance numbers seriously — as did everyone involved in the movie. She specifically requested riding boots, instead of ballet flats, so her character could ride horses and run around the French countryside.Many might find themselves daydreaming about what could have been with their first love or holiday fling.But for one couple the dream came true when they reunited nearly 25 years after their teenage romance ended.

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