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But read on and give yourself the best odds possible.

According to Shannon Tebb, boutique matchmaker of Shanny in the City, “Perhaps the most common piece of feedback I get from my daters who don’t give someone a second shot is that he or she talked about themselves the entire date.

The second date is when the pressure mounts -- you're going into the office, you're submitting your writing test, you're meeting with the guy in HR.

It's all happening and you can't rely on the killer icebreakers you mastered during the first meeting.

It all comes down to stereotypes."You can't make a meaningful decision about whether that person is right for you from a first or second date," says Greenwald.

But in order to decide if someone has long-term potential, guys (and gals) use small cues to make big assumptions about their date's personality, lifestyle and character.

What's the most common reason guys don't call back?

For years, people have considered the first date to be the hardest one to master, leading friends and family to give countless hours of advice to those going on the date.

Give your date a good sense of who you are and what makes you tick, then make sure they get the opportunity to do the same.

"People are making decisions about whether a relationship could ultimately work based on very superficial data points."Greenwald's book encourages women to be aware of the image they're projecting, and to make small adjustments to their behavior so that they can land a second or third date. "I want to change the way you come across on the first date."Greenwald has an MBA from Harvard business school, and published her first book, , in 2003.

She leads a successful matchmaking business, and used her own tactics to find her own husband, so she knows whereof she speaks.

With our generation's level of flakiness hovering between a fresh croissant and the top of a warm chicken pot pie, it's a miracle to think that people can actually muster up the energy to leave their apartments and meet up with each other.

That being said, the fun and flirtatious environment is gone when you meet up the second time. you know exactly what to expect and -- like the job interview scenario -- you've already gone through all the cute things you planned on saying before initially asking them out.

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