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If a security requirement has been unilaterally imposed by the employer and is not required by law or regulation, the employer will need to decide whether it would be an undue hardship to modify or eliminate the requirement to accommodate an employee who has a religious gh there is usually no reason to question whether the practice at issue is religious or sincerely held, if the employer has a bona fide doubt about the basis for the accommodation request, it is entitled to make a limited inquiry into the facts and circumstances of the employees claim that the belief or practice at issue is religious and sincerely held, and gives rise to the need for the s that either alone or in combination might undermine an employees assertion that he sincerely holds the religious belief at issue include: whether the employee has behaved in a manner markedly inconsistent with the professed belief; whether the accommodation sought is a particularly desirable benefit that is likely to be sought for secular reasons; whether the timing of the request renders it suspect (e.g., it follows an earlier request by the employee for the same benefit for secular reasons); and whether the employer otherwise has reason to believe the accommodation is not sought for religious r, none of these factors is the religiously oriented expression is limited to use of a phrase or greeting, it is more difficult for the employer to demonstrate undue that include a belief in god) as well as non-theistic moral or ethical beliefs as to what is right and wrong which are sincerely held with the strength of traditional religious employer can restrict religious expression where it would cause customers or co-workers reasonably to perceive the materials to express the employers own message, or where the item or message in question is harassing or otherwise ous dress may include clothes, head or face coverings, jewelry, or other items.

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Title vii requires that employers accommodate an employees sincerely held religious belief in engaging in religious expression in the workplace to the extent that they can do so without undue hardship on the operation of the business.

When does title vii require an employer to accommodate an applicant or employees religious belief, practice, or observance?

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